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PK Memorial Foundation Founder/CEO Gibril S. Mansaray's 2023 Amway Hero Award - Watch Gibril's emotional Amway Hero Award video

I'm Gibril S. Mansaray, Founder and CEO of the PK Memorial Foundation, and I'm thrilled to share a recent highlight in our journey: receiving the 2023 Amway Hero Award. This honor is more than just a personal accolade; it reflects the core values of access, opportunity, hope, and empowerment that our foundation stands for and underscores the impact of our mission to provide quality education to the youth in remote villages of Sierra Leone.

The Amway Hero Award recognizes individuals and organizations who make significant community contributions through selflessness and innovation. It aligns perfectly with our work at the PK Memorial Foundation, where we strive to unlock the potential of young minds and ignite their dreams for a better future through education. This award is a testament to our commitment and the transformative power of education in empowering communities.

The award video tells our story, showcasing our dedication to breaking down educational barriers and our belief in the transformative power of knowledge. It's a narrative that encapsulates our values and mission in action. I encourage you to watch this video to witness the impact of our collective efforts.

This recognition from Amway is not just an acknowledgment of our past efforts but a catalyst for our future endeavors. It amplifies our work's importance, highlighting education's critical role in fostering hope and empowerment. I'm deeply thankful to Amway for this honor, representing the hard work, dedication, and passion of everyone who has been part of our mission. It strengthens our resolve to continue making a difference in the lives of Sierra Leone's youth.

Please join us in this celebration by watching the award video, and let it inspire you to join our cause. Together, we can continue to make a significant impact, transforming lives one child at a time. To donate to our cause, click here.

With gratitude and renewed dedication,

Gibril S. Mansaray, MBA


PK Memorial Foundation

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