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Alumni Spotlight

Justice A. Kamara

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Inaugural P.K. Memorial student now in college wishes to pay it forward

August 2, 2019

Justice A. Kamara was one of the first students to attend P.K. Memorial in 2001. Today, he is a second-year college student studying social work with a big heart, big dreams and a desire to grow the mission of "Using Education to Empower Generations."

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Justice was seven when he started attending P.K. Memorial. Before the school was built, the only way to be educated was to attend classes in a small church-hut. Once the school as completed, Justice was able to finish his 5th and 6th levels and take the NPSE Exam (the exam allows kids to pass to secondary school). Since there was no secondary school in Magbaikolie, at 13, Justice had to leave home and move three hours down south to Freetown, the capital city. There he resided with his uncle
Justice studied hard, and by the time he was 18, he was ready to take the West African Senior School Certificate Exam (WASSCE). This test determines if a student can attend college. Justice’s scored amazingly and his high score granted him access to any university in Sierra Leon of his choosing. Justice chose Njala University, pursuing a Honors in Social Work. Justice says, “having a primary school in my village contributed to who I am today. Everything in life has a start, and the Primary School was my academic start, which prepared me for the outside world.  If I didn’t have the School, I would have remained illiterate. Since I did have the school, I had a solid foundation that has led me down the path to become a college graduate. I am very proud of my primary school education because it changed my life. We all truly appreciate Mr. Mansaray the privilege of education. While my primary goal is to graduate and put my degree to use, while my dream is to positively change the lives of the people in my country, especially the destitute.” You can follow Justice's journey on Facebook.

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