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A Historic Milestone: PK Memorial Primary School's First Football Game

The PK Memorial Primary School, nestled in the heart of Magbaikoli, Sierra Leone, West Africa, has been striving to overcome challenges in the realm of games and sports since its establishment in 2002. However, in a historic turn of events, the school recently achieved a momentous milestone by playing its first-ever football match against a neighboring school. This remarkable feat was made possible through the unwavering support of the visionary CEO of the PK Foundation, Gibril Sorie Mansaray MBA, along with generous donor partners and the entire Mansaray family residing in the United States. Together, they provided football equipment and jerseys to the enthusiastic students of PK Memorial Primary School.

On the sunny morning of April 9th, 2023, PK Memorial Primary School in Magbaikoli took to the football field for the very first time, facing off against the Roman Catholic (RC.) A Primary School from the Magbotima community. Prior to the match, CEO Gibril Sorie Mansaray ensured the players were well-refreshed by generously providing drinks and water. This act of kindness motivated the players to give their best, eager to repay the trust and support of their sponsors.

The PK Memorial Primary School team showed remarkable skill and determination on the field, securing a resounding victory with a score of 2-0 against RC Primary School of the Magbotima community. The sense of accomplishment and pride that followed this victory has brought immense joy not only to the students but also to the dedicated staff and proud parents.

This historic football game has instilled a newfound sense of optimism among the students, staff, and parents of PK Memorial Primary School. They now believe they can actively participate in games and sports like their counterparts in urban settings. Profound gratitude is extended to the Proprietor, Professor Mohamed S. Mansaray, and the generous donors who made this dream a reality.

Looking ahead, PK Memorial Primary School is gearing up for its second match, scheduled for early May, against the Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone (WCSL) Primary School in the Maharie community. The team is determined to secure victory in this away game and has already commenced rigorous practice sessions in preparation.

The PK Memorial Primary School community, including the children, staff, and parents, extends their heartfelt thanks to the Mansaray family and their generous donors. Through their support, these young students can now actively engage in sports and games, just like their peers in urban areas.

For easy identification, remember that those donning the green and white jerseys proudly represent PK Memorial Primary School. This historic victory marks the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of sports and competitions for the school, and they are eager to make their mark in future games.

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