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Challenges for Junior Secondary School Students

Updated: Jan 20

Students at PK Memorial Primary School in Magbaikoli Community face numerous challenges to continue their education beyond the primary level. The absence of a junior secondary school in Magbaikoli forces them to undertake arduous journeys. They walk approximately 14 miles to attend schools in nearby communities, navigate dangerous rivers by boat or swimming, and often arrive late to school and return home exhausted in the evenings, hindering their ability to study effectively.

After completing primary education, many students enroll in junior secondary schools in Magumbu Community, located 7 miles away. The lack of proper transportation means these children must walk this distance daily, impacting their punctuality and academic performance. This challenging commute contributes to a high dropout rate.

Some parents send their children to live with relatives in larger towns for better educational opportunities. Unfortunately, this arrangement often leads to the children becoming domestic workers or sales assistants, adversely affecting their education and well-being.

The Magbaikoli River poses an additional hazard. In the rainy season, its rising waters make crossing difficult. Students either use boats or, in their absence, resort to swimming to reach Magumbu Junior Secondary School.

Establishing a junior secondary school within the Magbaikoli Community would significantly alleviate these hardships. It would eliminate the need for long, dangerous commutes, reduce the risks associated with river crossings, and prevent the necessity of living away from home. This would benefit not only Magbaikoli students but also those from neighboring communities facing similar challenges. The new school would provide a much-needed, accessible educational facility, fostering a safer and more conducive learning environment.

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