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Public Address( PA)

Purchasing of a Public Address System 

The PK Memorial Primary School was founded in 2002 in Magbaikoli village. In its 21 years of existence, there has never been a time the school had the privilege of owning a Public Address (PA) system.  Whenever  the school has an event or programme that requires the use of a Public Address System, the school authorities travel to other communities to rent a PA system to be used on such events or programmes.  

On the 12th of February 2024, the PK Memorial Primary School in Magbaikoli village bought a Public Address system for the first time in its history.  This was achieved through the contributions of the CEO Gibril Sorie Mansaray MBA, and the donor partners of the PK Memorial Foundation.  

The newly acquired Public Address system will contribute greatly to the success of the PK Memorial Primary School now and in the years to come. This is because the PA System will be used during debates in the school to improve the public speaking abilities of the students of the PK Memorial Primary School. This will be made possible during Literary and Debating Society events as moderators and debaters will be required to use the mike to address the audiences. The use of the mikes will help the audience to hear and understand the views of the debaters and make them very attentive to the details.  

Aside from the Public Address System being used for debates, it is quintessential when there are visitors from the Ministry of Education. That is, whenever dignitaries from the Ministry of Education and other high places visit the school, they will use the Public Address System to speak to the students and people who will be present at the occasion.  

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