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Celebrating Togetherness: The Fourth Annual Holiday Party at PK Memorial Primary School

Updated: Jan 20

The annual holiday party at PK Memorial Primary School in Magbaikoli Community, generously supported by our US-based donors, is a cherished tradition. For four years, this event has brought joy to the students, teachers, and parents of the school, celebrating the festive season together.

On December 15, 2023, Justice Abdul Kamara, the chief correspondent of the PK Memorial Foundation, visited the community to distribute holiday gifts. At the school, the students gathered eagerly to receive their gifts, which included essential food items like rice, onions, oil, various seasonings, and soap, emphasizing the importance of hygiene. This gesture was met with heartfelt gratitude from the community, especially during a time when food costs are high and many families are recovering from crop losses.

The gift distribution sparked joy and appreciation among the students, teachers, and parents. In light of this, I propose the following enhancements for the PK Memorial Foundation's future initiatives:

Triannual Gift Distribution: We should consider giving gifts three times a year:

  1. Christmas Period: Coinciding with the end of the first school term. For the 5th anniversary next year, it would be significant for CEO Gibril Sorie Mansaray MBA to join. I suggest adding a fun dinner for students, teachers, the CEO, and foundation staff to foster a sense of community.

  2. Easter Period: Aligning with the second school term's end and the National Primary School Examination. Particularly for students traveling to Makeni for exams, providing food items would be greatly supportive.

  3. End of School Year in July: As the school does not yet have a prize-giving ceremony, recognizing high-achieving students with gifts could motivate academic excellence.

These recommendations aim to extend the spirit of giving throughout the year and further enrich our students' educational experience. Thank you.


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