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Pa Karim’s Granddaughter Begins 27-Month Peace Corp Journey in Sierra Leone

Many Sierra Leoneans that make it to the U.S. or to other more developed nations arrive in those nations with an obligation to never forget “back home” and to always give back. In Krio, a language spoken by over 87% of the population in Sierra Leone, one might say, "na me de luk afta me fambul dem" meaning, "I have to look after my family." For the descendants of Pa Karim, this charge is no different. We have been raised from birth to know that we are privileged to be born in the United States. This privilege and opportunity were direct motivators for Ramata Mansaray, the fourth child of Mohamed S. Mansaray Sr., to ultimately join the Peace Corps. Ramata recently graduated this past May with her bachelor's degree from Rowan University. The following month, she was in Sierra Leone, meeting with her host family, and beginning her 27-month tour of service.


Currently, Ramata is five weeks into her 10-week cultural immersion training with her host family. After the completion of her training, Ramata will be focusing her efforts on health promotion, malaria awareness, nutrition, and supporting the health needs of mothers and children.

Ramata is also learning new languages while living and working in Sierra Leone. Proper Krio, of which she is already very proficient and Temne, another common language. She also hopes to add Loko, a more distinct language of her grandfather’s people.

You can follow the journey of Ramata and all of her Salone 9 Peace Corp colleagues on FaceBook.

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